You don’t know what to cook today? Bored of browsing around looking for a recipe that matches your taste?

KiM got you covered! Just tell KiM which ingredients you like and what cuisine you like the most. KiM always remembers that and pays attention

to your allergies and preferences. Tailored to your individual needs, KiM always finds the best matching recipe!

You find it hard to motivate yourself to cook fresh at home? You stick to your cooking routine, afraid to try something new?

No worries – with Kim you step up your cooking game!

Learn more about ingredients and what’s the best way to prepare them, have fun while doing that and reward yourself with a delicious dish at the end?

Take part in the first cooking class on Whatsapp – hosted by our chatbot KiM!

Ready to try something new?

This is how you connect with KiM via Whatsapp

  1. If you don't use Whatsapp yet, download the app in your app store
  2. If you are currently on your smartphone, click here to get to the directly to the cooking class on Whatsapp.
  3. You can also save this number: +49 170 577 577 7
  4. Send a message "Hi KiM" to this Whatsapp contact
  5. Be curious what awaits you! :)
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With KiM there's always something going on

Click, chat, cook: Click here to go directly to the MAGGI Kochstudio Whatsapp cooking course!

Talk to KiM

Probably the most surprising cooking assistant you’ve ever met

We share our extensive cooking knowledge via our interactive, digital cooking class through our chatbot KiM. The best thing? You can chat with KiM via Whatsapp, that means you can chat at anytime from anywhere.

Exclusively on Whatsapp our cooking classes offer you a lot of fun:

  • Get exciting tips & tricks to prepare tasty dishes
  • Learn food hacks with aha effect in short how-to videos
  • Let KiM challenge you to a quiz and put your cooking knowledge to the test
  • Reward your efforts and let KiM show you how to prepare delicious dishes in no time at all!

What‘s in for you?

Two entertaining cooking classes are waiting for you on Whatsapp: "Bella Italia" and "Easy cooking".

Cooking class: Bella Italia

In 5 modules you'll learn how to easily cook the most popular Italian dishes at home. Homemade pizza - no problem! Store-bought pesto? That was yesterday! At the beginning Kim shows you tips & tricks for the right handling of the food. Thanks to our short how-to videos, the chat becomes a real infotainment format. But watch out – KiM likes to challenge you every now and then and has some interactive quizzes for you to help improve your cooking knowledge in a playful way! At the end of each module, you'll be ready to cook: Chatbot Kim guides you step-by-step through the recipe!

Enjoy your meal!

Send "Start cooking class Bella Italia" to our Whatsapp number:

+49 170 577 577 7

Cooking Class: Easy Cooking

In 6 modules you will learn which ingredients belong in every kitchen, how to store them properly and how to prepare them. With simple tricks, KiM shows you how to cook your own quick and delicious meals in no time at all. Always wanted to make your own burger patties? Kim shows you her tricks. Chips from the bag? You don't need them anymore! Because after the cooking class, you'll know how to make the crispy snacks yourself. At the keys, ready, go!

„Easy cooking“ to our Whatsapp Nummer:
+49 170 577 577 7